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Department of Labor Websites

Idaho Department of Labor Screenshot

Idaho Department of Labor Website is shown as an example.

The assignment was to look at the Idaho Department of Labor’s website and learn things from it, but I’m going to get a little more generic. Each state has some kind of department related to labor. And, as far as I know, each state has some kind of resource to help people find jobs. These resources are supported by taxpayer dollars, so there’s really no good reason to not use those resources. The US Department of Labor has a convenient web page that has links to every state’s individual website on the topic.

These government resources all include some kind of job search database. Yes, it may not be the most effective way to find a job, but when you’re looking for employment, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned, especially when it is a nice easily-searchable-via-keyword-or-location stone. These sites also let you know of resources that local labor offices are having to help you do more effective job searches. Each states resources are a little different, but there’s so much useful information that a trip to [Insert your state here]’s Department of Labor site is a valuable stop along the way to a job.