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"What, did a blind person design your site?" "I dunno!" is primarily a résumé writing service, and that is just about it. The site also looks like it was designed back in 1999 (though the copyright date says 2000-2010, it looks like they haven’t done much since that first number). Really, the site is just one big advertisement for this service that throws around credentials, but doesn’t have any easy, automatic way to verify any of those credentials (not even the BBB one).

However, there are things to be learned from this website. The sample résumés are quite informative and are good examples of being short and to the point. There are also some very helpful pages of links to website covering a wide field of potential careers, all neatly organized by field. Probably the most useful (and modern) part of the website is the blog. There are almost no comments on any of the posts (indicating a small readership), but it does seem to be updated regularly, and the poster tries to make it easy for a discussion to be started. These blog posts are helpful and recently the posts have focused a lot on networking, which is a vital part of any person’s career search now.

While I learned a lot about what NOT to do in making a website, there are some nuggets of helpful information in this website for anyone looking to go into any field. Best of luck getting past the ugly purple and made for last decade’s monitor sizes to get to those wonderful juicy nuggets of content!