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Extra Life

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Every dollar counts

Every dollar can make a difference to give children medical care that they desperately need. Donate now.

Directly helping those in need

The money is donated directly to Primary Children’s Hospital through the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s safe and easy, and you can donate just one time or monthly. Donate now!

About Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity event run by the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to provide the gaming community (not just video games, but all types of games) a way to support local children’s hospitals. The great part is that each participant gets to choose which hospital the money they raise goes to, so it can support their local hospital or another one that means a lot to them. Extra Life is centered around a 24-hour marathon on October 25th-26th, but the point isn’t just to game for 24 hours; it’s to raise as much as possible For The Kids. In that spirit, there are many efforts before and after the main event because every dollar counts, no matter when it was raised!

What are you doing for Extra Life?

I’ve chosen to raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital of Salt Lake City, Utah, for reasons I can’t get into right now. Due to work and other obligations, I can’t stream for 24 hours, which is why I’ll split it up between a number of days in the week following the main Extra Life event. My goal is to raise $100 – a big feat, considering that I don’t have a following of any kind! No matter how much is raised, it will all make a difference! Check out my Twitch channel page or the schedule page on this site to see what games I’m playing, and when!